A farmer's confidence and trust stem from the fact that IFFCO's DAP is a packaged excellent service

As far as Indian farmer is concerned, IFFCO's NPK/DAP is not just a source of crucial nutrients N, P, K for the crops, but is an integral part of his/her quest for nurturing mother earth. The bountiful crop that results from this care is an enough reason for the graceful bags of IFFCO NPK/DAP bags to be an integral part of the farmers's family.

The two grades of NPK produced by IFFCO, 10:26:26 and 12:32:16, indicating the content of N, P, K proportion, are tailor made to supply the exact composition required for replenishment of the soil. The Indian farmer's confidence and trust stems from the fact that IFFCO's NPK/DAP are merely a part of a complete package of services, ably supported by a dedicated team of qualified personnel. More importantly, they are aware, IFFCO is a cooperative society owned by farmers cooperatives.

Diammonium Phosphate

It is the most popular phosphatic fertiliser because of its high analysis and good physical properties. The composition of pure salt of DAP is N-21.19% and P2O5 -53.76%. Fertiliser grade DAP is 18:46:0.

NPK Complex Grades

NPK complex fertilisers produced at Kandla are DAP based grades. At present two grades Grade I - 10:26:26 and Grade II - 12:32:16 are produced.

Granular NPK complexes are free flowing and do not pose any problem during handling and storage. However, exposure of material for long period to very high humidity may cause caking. Therefore, NPK complexes are bagged in quality tested HDPE bags to prevent ingress of moisture.

Technical specifications:

DAP/NPK complex as per Fertiliser Control Order

  DAP NPK-10:26:26 NPK-12:32:16
Moisture % by weight, maximum 150% 100% 100%
Total N % by weight, minimum 1800% 1000% 1200%
Ammoniacal N % by weight, minimum 1550% 700% 900%
N in the form of urea, % by weight, maximum 250% 300% 300%
Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphates (as P2O5) % by weight, minimum 4600% 2600% 3200%
Water soluble phosphates (as P2O5) % by weight, minimum 4100% 2210% 2720%
Water soluble potash (as K2O) % by weight, minimum -- 2600% 1600%
Particle size 90% of the material will be between 1 mm and 4 mm IS sieve and not more than 5% will be below 1 mm size.

Typical composition of DAP/NPK complex grades (by weight)

  DAP NPK-10:26:26 NPK-12:32:16
Moisture 0.9 0.88 0.85
Diammonium phosphate 87.53 50.04 62.68
Muriate of Potash -- 43.98 26.88
Urea 3.09 1.5 1.63
Filler (silica sand) 8.48 3.6 7.96

Secondary/micro nutrients

  DAP NPK-10:26:26 NPK-12:32:16
Sulphur as S 0.48 0.88 0.66
Iron as Fe 0.31 0.4 0.25
Aluminium as AI 0.32 0.52 0.18
Calcium as Ca 0.12 0.11 0.09
Magnesium as Mg 0.26 0.34 0.31
Zinc as Zn (ppm) 103 98 88
Copper as Cu 55 32 27

Atomic weight

C=12, H=1, O=16, N=14, P=31, K=39, Ca=40, S=32, C1=35.

Conversion factors

P to P205 = 2.29; P205 to P = 0.44
K to K20 = 1.2; K20 to K= 0.83